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We are a professional Human Resources network; our members are focused on strategic management and development of individuals and groups within our organizations. We believe that respect, ethics, accountability and a deep passion for working with people are the core values of effective/ outstanding/ human talent managers/leaders. The goals of our members are to:

  • Create a positive impact on our colleagues, workplaces, field, and society by our professional attitudes and actions.
  • Support each other in the construction of knowledge and development of our profession.


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Top Talent Management Trends for India in 2015

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Identifying top talent—critical employees with uniqu...

2015: Social HR Becomes A Reality

In 2014, we saw organizations use social technologies for recruitment, development and engagement practices. The year to come will bring even more transformation to human resources.

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New Requirements for Companies Hiring Foreign Work

Job Offers

  • Motor cycle messenger:

    Important merchandisig organization of no perishable products needs motorcicle messenger man with 1 year of


    Important merchandisig organization of no perishable products needs an assitant bidder woman, with 2 years


    Recognized  marketing Company of non-perishable products at the national level require

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