Who we are

The Red de GH is directed towards Human Resources Professional who impacts different fields/people in society through their behaviour. We are a Human Resources network focused on develop management strategies and people inside organizations. We do this with support of every member and together we build knowledge from ours daily corporative challenges. We are always guided by respect, ethics, responsibility, and the deep passion for what we do and for the development of the human talent.

What do you find at Red de GH?

  • Sources of support for management, for consultations about procedure and better practices
  • Support in the recruitment and other phases of the selection process
  • The CONEXIONES magazine in which you and/your organization can write or participate
  • A complete and exclusive Directory of Providers
  • Channels of circulation of information of professional interest
  • Spaces of development and training in topics of common interest and practice
  • Agreements of the Red de GH with companies that generate benefits
  • International Human Resources networking
  • APOYANDONOS. A blog with information on applications or requirements
  • Worldwide news about Human Resources
  • Classifieds
  • Digital advertisement to promote your products and/or services

History of the RED de GH

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed. It is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead


Some time ago, a group of people started to share information about Human Resources topics. As we grew within our positions, our knowledge, experience and contacts did with us. In May of 2008, we decided to create templates of general usage to establish rules of conduct, as our means of massive communication was through e-mail.

 From that moment, the Red de GH started with 35 professionals. In the process of development and structure new alternatives of sharing to the network RED de GH were born such as a CHAT which we initiated in August of the same year with a participation of approximately 25 people.

 Thanks to the input, suggestions, enquiries and evidence of need, we have created strategic and practical tools which may enable us to continue as a network, protecting our personal information and enhancing the benefits that we have already reached as a network, without losing contact among members.

 Today we count with Spanish-speaking members in all continents. For the launching of our website in September  2009, the RED de GH had over 1200 members and the participation of Latin America.

In October 2010 new services were created, among which are: the CONEXIONES magazine and the Directory of Providers of Human Resources Management. Since January 2013 we have the new version of the website with new services and benefits with its users, such as the classifieds. In 2014 the version in English is launched to expand the borders of the RED.

By 2015 we will be sponsoring an online International Human Resources Diploma, will create excellent agreements and will be on-line to our virtual training classroom to support more than 12.000 professionals around the world.

2016 has been a transitional time. Now REDDEGH has a new leader who will work for its well-being.

We know that this is just the beginning. One that will continue to be built with the participation of each one of you through suggestions, ideas, questions, inputs, etc.

Who leads the REDDEGH

Mario Sanchez is our Senior Recruiter. He is organizational psychologist with experience in recruitment evaluation and selection of personal for specialist professional and commercial-technical supported levels; as well as designing and supervising training programs for specific posts.

You can contact him by Senior-recruiter@reddegh.com 

Team Members

Guiovana Rodriguez is our Social Media Administrator. She is a disciplined person with ability to develop project and leading work teams. She has been able to achieve goals established by the directives and at the same time develop negotiating skills at different levels. She has extensive experience supporting adolescents and young people in structuring their life process project supported by a social approach. She loves designing and implementing processes of formation of new leaders. Additionally, she has experience designing logistic and communication strategies as well as she has been outstanding to be a support for administrative and operational multifunctional teams.

You can contact her by administracion@reddegh.com